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GK Transport Ltd is a well-respected family run business offering a prompt, professional and personal service to its customers.

Since 1982 when GK Transport Ltd first started trading, it has provided transport to a various cross-section of companies – some needing a daily dedicated truck, whilst others require a contracted vehicle to suit their requirements. Contracted vehicles are supplied in livery and sign-written to the customer’s own specification – at no further cost.

Our Fleet

We run a fleet of trucks ranging from a van 300k to 28 tonnes Articulated Truck. Most of these vehicles are flat bed but we also have Slider flex bodies which roll back to unload the vehicle which is very handy.

  • 500k Van (Panic Van)
  • 3.5 Tonne Carrier Trucks
  • 10 Tonne Carrier Truck Flat
  • 12 Tonne Carrier Truck
  • 15 Tonne Carrier Truck Flat and Slider Flex Bodied
  • 28 Tonne Articulated Truck Flat and Slider Flex bodied makes the delivery quicker as no sheets required keeps load dryer and looks better.
  • HI AB Truck : 3.5ton lift 13ton payload carrying vehicle


GK Transport Ltd are constantly striving to provide the best quality service to it’s customers and this means we are always looking to recruit the most experienced individuals.

Truck Availability

At GK Transport Ltd we allow you as a customers to access the destination of our vehicles and load availability both part load and back load.


GK Transport was founded in 1982. The business was started with two trucks, based on a contract for Ductile Steels GIynn wed – from where we started to learn and grow.

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